Multi Purpose Tongs
Multi Purpose Tongs
Multi Purpose Tongs

Multi Purpose Tongs

about DYK Kitchen Tools

DYK brings a unique kitchen experience. This refined collection proudly officers the combination of function and beauty to your daily cooking. Relatively big for the standard size of Japanese cookware, grips of the handles make it easier to work with and the special storage tools provide kitchen environments with a fresh look.

about Multi Purpose Tongs

Tongs with hooks at the edge enables you to hold the ingredients well. The scooping part is deeper than conventional tongs and can have a firm grip regardless of the size of the food. In addition, the thiner shape towards the edge enables delicate work.

This nylon material with excellent heat resistance is perfect to use in a pan set on fire. The dent on the handle is the size of thumb so it is easy to hold and manipulate.

Giving a tidy look to the kitchen, two types of storage tools are available for the desirable purpose and size.

  1. The dent on the handle gives easy grip
  2. The seamless shape is easy to wash and stay hygienic
  3. Long length prevents tongs from falling into a pan
ColorMatte black