Slotted Deep Ladle
Slotted Deep Ladle
Slotted Deep Ladle

Slotted Deep Ladle

about DYK Kitchen Tools

DYK brings a unique kitchen experience. This refined collection proudly officers the combination of function and beauty to your daily cooking. Relatively big for the standard size of Japanese cookware, grips of the handles make it easier to work with and the special storage tools provide kitchen environments with a fresh look.

about Slotted Deep Ladle

Slotted deep ladle that easily holds soft ingredients. The cup is designed to be relatively deep and big for boiled or simmered food. You can serve a meal for about one person with a scoop.Fitting the shape of the hand, the handle pursues ease of use as you may be surprised by its lightness made by its empty body. Also, the thinly finished edges to enable to serve food well onto a bowl or plate.

This unique design of the back handle can be hooked on the edge of the pan, so you don’t have to worry about where to place it during cooking. Giving a tidy look to the kitchen, two types of storage tools are available for the desirable purpose and size.

  1. The uniquely shaped handle enables various ways of holding
  2. Easy-to-serve shape and size for any cooking
  3. Stainless steel with high-gloss, polished 3 times more than normal
MaterialStainless steel